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  • Black Bottom Collective

Black Bottom Collective

Black Bottom Collective

Stay Low, Keep Movin’ (2002), People Mover (2005) Hot beats, mindless lyrics. Songs that sound like something you’ve heard ten times in the past. Half-hearted records from famous names. Sounds depressing, right? Your feelings are understandable. Thankfully, one band knows what really rocks you. They’re the original hotness you’ve been requesting, but haven’t been getting. Meet Black Bottom Collective. It’s a pleasure. Humility is cool, but at some point you have to man up and tell people who the hell you are. The BBC are artists…and stars. Their music is alternative… hip-hop… soul. A combustible rush of rhymes, poetry, live instruments and raw, energetic soul. Soul-stirrin’ music, and a live show – the signature soul-stirrin’ meetin’ – that has legions of followers throughout their home state calling Black Bottom Collective the best. Ask producer Carlos “Six July” Brody (Notorious B.I.G., Royce da 5’9”). While in town on business, a Black Bottom Collective soul-stirrin’ meetin’ left him riveted. “I ain’t never seen nothin’ like y’all,” he said, “and I’ve worked with a lot of cats.” If you’re not from Detroit, the name Black Bottom Collective may require explanation. Black Bottom refers to the historic northeast section of Detroit. French settlers named the area after its rich soil. A predominantly black area, Black Bottom also boasted the world famous Paradise Valley entertainment district. Joe Louis, John Lee Hooker, Pearl Bailey and Billy Eckstine were known to hang out and perform there during the 50s and 60s. BBC is cut from this creative cloth. The BBC was founded in 1999 by bandleader Khary Kimani Turner, who wanted to put the poetry of his book Outta You to music. They’ve got credentials: official Bud True Music Live group, 2003 and 2004; 2003 and 2004 Detroit Music Awards for their debut CD Stay Low, Keep Movin’; 2002 Best Soul, Detroit Free Press.


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