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With the eyes of the world on the Motor City music scene, Detroit’s hip-hop community warrants a full-on stare. Leading the forefront of the industry’s multi-platinum future in the genre is MC HUSH. Immersed in the seminal influences of hip-hop, Hush honed his skills at Maurice Malone’s Hip Hop Shop alongside Eminem and producer Jay Dee. He soon joined forces with Detroit’s Uncle Ill forming Da Ruckus and producing bouncing hits like “150 Emcees”, laying the foundation for legendary collaborations with Royce Da 5’9”, Paradime and Black Magic Crossing. Real-life crime scene dramas provided by his Homicide Detective father and his life on the rough Detroit streets created just the right canvas for Hush’s brilliant lyrical brushstrokes. His full-length release, “Roses and Razorblades”, paints a candidly dark and brightly humorous tale of life in the “D”. This 14-track disc features an original range, synonymous with ghetto street life. From the bumpin’ party anthem, “Detroit Players”, to the gripping reality of the title track, “Roses and Razorblades”, this disc is a masterful opus delivered from the depths of Hush’s green-eyed soul. Never settling for less than what it takes for success, actor/producer Hush completed and delivered a tight, top-notch music video to accompany the “Detroit Players” single, featuring Shane Capone and Cadillac Dale. He is also proving his versatility and expansive marketability by landing a starring role in the upcoming independently-released film, “The Passage”, by Detroit underground filmmaker Daniel Casey-VanHout, scheduled to be released in November 2002. Hush’s unsettling honesty combined with the wit of Will Smith and the smooth suave of LLCoolJ make him the leader of pack of hip-hop thoroughbreds. “Put a condom on your ear and fuck what you heard.” Hush calls the CD a “desperation piece” of gritty street life and personal struggle. “If you want to know what it’s really like to be a rapper in Detroit…buy my CD.” Rock City Records is proud to share Hush and his talents with the world. Hush signed to Geffen Records in November 2003.


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