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  • Carl Craig

Carl Craig

Carl Craig

"Planet E (Earth) Communications Inc. is an electronic concept created in 1991 by 'Aural Scientist' Mr. Carl Craig. Born of an accident in Craig's laboratory, E.M.L.A.S. (Electronic Music Laboratory of Aural Sciences), it grew to be such a formidable force in planetary communications that Craig himself could no longer ignore its strange and twisted vision of worldwide domination. Slowly but surely its lush, peculiarly futuristic sounds traveled the globe, brainwashing all open-minded humans in its path. Planet E quickly earned its cult status as 'the imprint for the future' by producing a sound that had never before been imagined or heard. Both Carl Craig and Planet E continue to pioneer experimental and timeless recordings. Never satisfied, they continually reinvent themselves, always keeping years ahead of the competition. To understand Planet E we must look at its founder. How do you begin to tell the story of Carl Craig? Do you talk about his groundbreaking early releases for labels like Transmat, Retroactive and, of course Planet E? Or do you talk about the city of Detroit and the way Craig has created his own compellingly unique vision of music, reaching beyond the confines of being labeled as 'just a Techno producer?' What about his breathtaking remix work for artists as diverse as Tori Amos, Yello, Incognito, Depeche Mode and Basic Channel? Or Craig's status as dance music's underground hero, a name spoken of in hushed tones by listeners to all genres of music – a producer who declares innovation and individualism as prerequisites for taking electronic music forward into the 21st century... Sometimes all this can be a bit confusing, since Craig has adopted a series of multiple musical personalities – Paperclip People, Innerzone Orchestra, Psyche/BFC and 69 – relentlessly releasing timeless singles, EPs, and albums under these monikers. But whatever he calls himself, all around the world, Craig has made an astounding difference to the way people perceive and listen to modern music."


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